Student Resources




  • NJDOE A300 Combined Certification Form (Working Papers)

  • Work-Based Learning Program
    To experience real life situations in the workplace; and to be able to come in contact with the latest technological advancements in the business world, health related fields, our complex legal system, areas of communications, management science, computer technology, and other related fields that students have an interest in exploring.



  • LCMR High School - Zen Den

  • Physical Education Make-Up Work
    Even though you are absent, we would like you to stay active.  If you are able, walk 2500 steps.  Then take a picture of the steps and send them to your teachers email. If you are to ill to walk at this time, you may make them up at a later date when you are feeling better.  As soon as you show us your steps, we will adjust your grade.

  • Big Ideas Math Login
    Complete Mathematics Curriculum for Middle School and High School.

  • School Bus Safety
    Thank you students for providing this link for School Bus Safety!