District Mission & Goals

The basic mission of the Lower Cape May Regional School District is governed by a respect for the worth and dignity of every human being. The schools are committed to the academic, mental, emotional, physical, aesthetic and social development of all learners so they may realize the full measure of their educational potential and fulfill their roles purposefully in the world of work and leisure, and be prepared to lead challenging and productive lives.

The Board's function is to provide a positive school environment with sound, challenging, innovative educational programs that foster life skill development, investigate and celebrate change, but affirm tradition and promote excellence. An active partnership with the community, a comprehensive curriculum and a dedicated and knowledgeable staff are components to the fulfillment of this mission.

In order to insure that this mission is realized, the board has adopted the following goals for pupils of the Lower Cape May Regional School District.

The goals are divided into two categories. Outcome Goals represent those behaviors and feelings that should be achieved by people. Process Goals are statements that describe activities and organizational processes utilized by the school system with the expectation that they contribute to providing a complete educational program.

It is the expectation of this school district that all pupils achieve the New Jersey Student Learning Standards at all grade levels.

Lower Cape May Regional School District Process Goals

  1. Instruction which bears a meaningful relationship to the present and future needs and/or interests of pupils.
  2. Significant opportunities, consistent with the age of the pupil, helping to determine the nature of the educational experiences of the pupil.
  3. Specialized and individualized educational experiences to meet the needs of each pupil.
  4. Opportunities for teaching and staff members and pupils to make recommendations concerning the operation of the schools.
  5. Comprehensive guidance facilities and services for each pupil.
  6. An environment in which any competition among pupils is positive.
  7. Resources for education used with maximum efficiency.
  8. Teaching staff members of high quality.
  9. Diverse forms of constructive cooperation with parents and community groups.

Lower Cape May Regional School District Outcome Goal

  1. Acquire basic skills in obtaining information, solving problems, thinking critically and communicating effectively.
  2. Acquire a stock of basic information concerning the principles of the physical, biological and social sciences, the historical record of human achievements and failures, and current social issues.
  3. Become an effective and responsible contributor to decision making processes of the political and other institutions of the community, state, country and world.
  4. Acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding that permit him or her to play a satisfying and responsible role as both producer and consumer.
  5. Acquire job entry level skills and also to acquire knowledge for further education.
  6. Acquire the understanding of and the ability to form responsible relations with a wide range of other people including, but not limited to, those with social and cultural characteristics different from his or her own.
  7. Acquire the capacities for playing satisfying and responsible roles in family life.
  8. Acquire the knowledge, habits and attitudes that promote personal and public health, both physical and mental.
  9. Acquire the ability and the desire to express himself or herself creatively in one or more of the arts and to appreciate the aesthetic expressions of other people.
  10. Acquire an understanding of ethical principles and values and the ability to apply them to his or her own life.
  11. Develop an understanding of his or her own worth, abilities, potentialities and limitations.
  12. Learn to enjoy the process of learning and to acquire the skills necessary for a lifetime of continuous learning and adaption to change.