Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame 2023


Purpose & Selection Criteria

The Hall of Fame has been established to honor former athletes, coaches and other contributors to our athletic programs who have brought positive recognition to themselves and L.C.M.R.H.S. either through athletic excellence, coaching achievement, or their dedication to athletics in the school community.


Athletes must have graduated from L.C.M.R./Cape May H.S. a minimum of 5 years prior to nomination.

Coaches must be retired from coaching or out of the L.C.M.R. School District a minimum of 5 years prior to nomination.

Contributors must have displayed outstanding dedication and loyalty to the L.C.M.R.H.S. Athletic Program.

A candidate must have demonstrated sound character, good citizenship, and leadership during their high school years and beyond.

Selection Procedure

  1. Nominations shall be solicited from the community and/or submitted by committee members.
  2. Nominations must be submitted on the proper form with a brief biography of the candidate including reasons for nomination.
  3. All nominations must be submitted by the published deadline.
  4. The committee will then select finalists based on the screening of nominations and the limitations defined by the selection criteria.
  5. Top vote getters will be inducted based on the number of inductees the committee has determined for the year.  Gender equity will be taken into consideration.
  6. The chairperson and the Athletic Director will tabulate the vote and announce the results.
  7. All voting will be by closed, written ballot.
  8. Election will take place by a date determined by the executive committee.
  9. Any members of the committee will not be permitted to vote for themselves or any member of their family if so nominated.
  10. A committee meeting may be called at any time by the chairperson, with the appropriate time notice.

Class of 2014 Inductees

  • 1989-1990 Boys Soccer Team (S.J. Group III Champions)
  • Bill Damiana (2009) Football / Wrestling
  • Matt Dicken (2003) Football / Track
  • Matt Szczur (2007) Football / Baseball
  • Victoria Wermuth (2008) Soccer / Basketball

Class of 2012

  • Brian Abdon
  • Stephanie Agger
  • Sheri Hickok
  • Matt Lucas
  • Crystal McCarney
  • Thomas McKeown
  • Eileen Morse
  • Stephen Riley
  • Karee Wright
  • 2007 Golf Team

2010 LCMR Hall of Fame Inductees

  • George Holden - Coach
  • Pat Holden - Basketball
  • John Halbruner - Basketball & Track
  • Joe DiGilio - Football & Baseball
  • Lori Wernik - Basketball
  • Lionel Desrosiers - Coach
  • Blair Hansen - Wrestling
  • Steve Worrell - Baseball
  • Dave Smith - Coach
  • 1982 Wrestling Team

2009 LCMR Hall of Fame Inductees

  • Cliff "Doc" Anderson - Football, Basketball & Track
  • Dan Olson - Baseball
  • Steve "Coach" Steger - Coach
  • Angela Tecco - Track
  • Larry Washington - Football
  • Charles Wise, Jr. - Basketball

2008 LCMR Hall of Fame Inductees

  • Jacque Riddle
    4 years as LCMR's #1 singles player in Tennis with a career record of 112-8.
  • Heidi Von Colln
    11 time varsity letter winner in Field Hockey, Basketball & Softball.
  • Jack Weeks
    400 career wins as LCMR Head Baseball Coach.
  • Shawn Laughlin
    2 time State Wrestling Champion.
  • William Garrison
    Long time Football / Wrestling Coach.
  • William Porter
    Long time Football / Wrestling Coach.
  • Charles Wise, Sr.
    Long time Football / Basketball Coach.
  • John Donaldson
    Long time Coach.
  • Betsy (Craig) Sole
    12 time varsity letter winner in Field Hockey, Basketball & Softball.
  • Brendan Rosenberg
    Baseball - Rowan University Sports Hall of Fame - Drafted by the Minnesota Twins