Faculty Resources

Access all of the online resources as well as helpful links provided by your co-workers here at Lower Cape May Regional School District.

PARCC Checklist 2018

PARCC Training For Test Administrators 2018

PARCC Testing District Security Plan 2018

mSGP Teacher-Summary Conference Form

Non-SGP Teacher-Summary Conference Form

Summative Self-Evaluation Worksheets

Individual Teacher Professional Development Plan (PDP)

Professional Learning Communities (PLC) Sign In Sheet

Professional Learning Community (PLC) Request Form


 - SGO Overview
 - SGO 2.0: From Compliance to Quality
 - SGO 2.0: From Compliance to Quality Presentation Resource
 - SGO 2.0: What's New For The 2014 - 2015 School Year (In-Service Presentation)

SGO Workshop

Teacher Professional Development Plan (PDP) Walkthrough

 - Teacher PDP Exemplar

Lesson Plan Walkthrough

 - Standard Weekly Lesson Plan
 - Alternate Weekly Lesson Plan

AESOP Absence System
Login in to create an absence.

AESOP Absence Training Resources
 - Faculty Training Video
 - Faculty User Guide
 - Substitute Training Video
 - Substitute User Guide


Referral For Child Study Team

Naviance Log-on for Faculty / Staff

AmeriHealth Administrator & Aetna Health Benefits

The Common Core State Standards & The New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards

LCMR School District Curriculum Template

Password Protected Documents

- Faculty Manuals
- Professional Evaluation Handbooks
- 2013-2014 NJASK - All Sections Roster
- 2011 NJ Assessment of Skills and Knowledge Grades 3 - 8 Writing Responses
- Safety and Emergency Response Handbook 
- Lower Cape May Regional Letterhead 
- Professional Development Hours Form
- Parental Consent Form & Release

Facts on Children's Mental Health in America
Anxiety Disorders Fact Sheet
NAMI | Depression in Children & Teens
Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Bipolar Disorder

-Is the #1 reason girls drop out of high school.
-The national dropout rate for pregnant teens is 90%.
-80% of these young relationships do not last.
-Project Care was designed to decrease dropout rates for pregnant teens and to help support the relationships of parenting teens.

LCMR School District - 403(b) Plan Information
The Lower Cape May Regional School District offers a 403(b) Plan for eligible employees of the organization. Employees are eligible to participate as described below:

Intervention & Referral Services Form
 - LCMR Form
 - RMT Form

The Bridge - A Monthly Newsletter for Educators from the NJDOE
 - Issue 07: September 2013

Contour Data WebTrack - (Tracker)
If you forgot your username or password, contact your WebTrack administrator.

Barracuda Spyware Removal Tool
You will receive an ActiveX popup that you will need to install. This tool will only work on district machines while accessing this tool within our network. For best results, run this program through Internet Explorer.

Assessing Student Learning
The following pages offer various strategies and ideas for ways to assess student learning.

Timesheet Template For After School Teachers
Microsoft Excel Document

Purchase Order Form
Microsoft Excel Document

New Jersey Core Content Curriculum Standards
Describe what students should know and be able to do once they finish their public education.

Sexual, Racial or Religious Harassment Reporting Form
If you are the victim of or have witnessed an act of harassment, please fill out the form below and give it to the Affirmative Action Officer:
Peter Daly - Affirmative Action Officer - 609) 884-3475 ext. 215

AchieveNJ - Teach, Lead, Grow
Improving Educator Evaluation in the State of New Jersey

New Jersey Educator Resource Exchange Website
This website will allow a user to navigate the Common Core State Standards, New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, search and download instructional resources, create a library of resources for later use, and establish a "resource feed" that will notify the user when new resources unique to their role are added to the site.

Staff Training

Below are the links to assist you in completing online training programs required in the district  Your logon ID is your last name and the first initial of your first name.  Your password is the last four digits of your Social Security Number.  If you have any questions contact Peter Daly at extension 215 in the high school.